Thursday, 13 January 2011

Franz West works

I asked a couple of guys what they thought. The guys being, Dan (my boyfriend), and Mike (one of the invigilators). 


What was your favourite piece?
The piece I had the most fun on was the monkey bars (William Forsythe - The Fact of the matter). But I would say my favourite pieces were the collection of works by Franz West, in particular the piece with the object and camera set up. I don’t know why, I just thought it was good.

Do you think that the piece would have been quite the same without the camera set up and videos?
I think it certainly made the piece more engaging. Once the realisation hit, that there was a delay on the camera, it sort of made it more like “oooh you can do things and then watch yourself doing it, which sort of made you do more things. Having video there was an important part of the piece.

Mike (Invigilator)

How is the exhibition going so far? What’s it like being the invigilator for it?
It has it’s days. Some days it can be difficult, like the weekends and bank holidays. But on weekdays it’s just normal chit-chat to customers and making sure the art works are in normal condition and just general patrol. I enjoy it.

Have you had a go on anything so far?
Yeah, I’ve had a go on a few things up here. 

What did you think?
I like doing the number 6 over there because I can do it better than everyone else.

Is this your area or do you get to move around?
No, we rotate each day. I’m up here today so I’m in charge of all the sculptures and wot not; making sure it’s all in good condition and everyone has their gloves on and interacting with everything.

Do you feel like it’s different to the other expiations that you invigilate?

Is it better?
Each exhibition is different in its own way. The last one was a lot more interactive upstairs and there were a lot people and because it was summer, we had an outdoor swimming pool as well so it was very hands on.

So is it usually interactive art being shown here?
The last exhibition was interactive, but the one after this, which is the British Art Show, will be more traditional, with paintings hung on the wall. The summer exhibition after that will be interactive. During the summer months we generally have crazy exhibitions here.

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