Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Performance event continued...

Me and a group of art students recently held a performance/ screening event. At the event there were books and sculptures displayed and there were readings, performances and film screenings. The event was held at LS6 (Clock cafe) on Hyde Park corner in Leeds. Many of the people involved were keen on the event taking place in a cafĂ© environment rather than a gallery space or artist’s studio. This was due to numerous issues such as the type of work that people were making, issues with catering, refreshments and health and safety and also the fact that it was organised as an event and not an exhibition. The event was a success and thoroughly enjoyable to be a part of. The space we used was a room situated above the cafe itself, which is designed to be used for exhibitions and evening classes. This was an ideal space for us to use as it had the facilities we needed and it was a relatively blank space for us to occupy and transform into the desired setting for the event. As it was an event which was accessible to the public and not presented as an exhibition or art event, it appealed to those who would not normally engage with this sort of work. Although the event was organised and thought out, it still had an impromptu feel about it, which made it a more relaxed environment. The event was filmed and lots of photographs were taken. The event footage will be up on the blog look out for that.  

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