Thursday, 19 May 2011

Reader's Digest and Word Cake...

Me and a fellow Art student are currently working on a conceptual literary project, inspired by Simon Morris' 'The Royal Road to the Unconscious'. The project is made up of several different works. It is a performative piece, which has been shown at several events, one of which being the Performance Event held earlier this month.

We started by baking a cake with cut up words in the mixture. The words were transcribed from a meeting that was held to organise a previous group art event. People unpicked the words from the cake they were served, to make conceptual poems and prose and we documented the process. We photographed one of the cakes at different stages and also documented the events at which the piece was presented. As a sort of practice run, we held an impromptu tea party, serving word buns to our guests and due to its success we decided to include it in the Performance Event. We handed out slices of the word cake throughout the evening and photographed what people had created and people read out their poems. 

The next stage of our project is to produce a book out of the photographs. Simon Morris used the documentation of him throwing the cut out words from Freud's 'The Interpretation of Dreams' out of the window of a speeding Renault Clio Sport to produce a short film and a book. To produce the piece Morris used Ed Ruscha's book 'Royal Road Test' which was made up of images of Ruscha throwing a vintage type writer from the window of a speeding Buick. We aim to produce our book in a similar style to both Morris' and Ruscha's book, which are both simple spiral bound paper backs, as we are following a similar act of capturing moments in time in the form of a book.

Below I have put images of both Morris' and Ruscha's book.

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