Monday, 21 February 2011

The Ministry of Making

The first group project I took part in was a performative piece titled the Ministry of Making which involved a group of art students, posing as a fictional production company in a makeshift office space. The project spread over the period of one week and replicated genuine office hours. Great emphasis was put on efficiency and playing the part rather than producing anything. The project began as the attempt to produce art in a production line type environment, and evolved into an act of bogus efficiency. The project was documented through film footage, sound recordings, photographs and the objects produced and used throughout the week. The documentation was presented in the form of a small scale exhibition in the foyer of the Old Mining Building. I took the opportunity to document my experiences of the event in a way that fit my practice. I recorded the ‘initial product meeting’ and held interviews with visitors and other staff members.

recorded staff meetings and held interviews with both staff members and visitors. Although my official title was Minister of Finance, I helped in other departments such as the Department of Human Relations and the department of Cutting, Folding and Sticking, working briefly as a cutter. I am unsure of the company’s situation since my placement.

Here are some group portraits that were taken during the project.

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