Thursday, 24 February 2011

Presentation Comment Cards

It was very well presented, and an amazing body of work to back it up.
Things to think:
Try to push for a more Q&A
Maybe look at making things more universal.

I love how your books are investigations into speech, extracting parts and experimenting with it, using text. Seems like there’s so much scope for more experimentation. I really like the idea of you doing the voice recordings of pages from your books. Seems like there’s quite a lot of things you could play around with there. Interesting to hear the tones of different people’s voices when reading the same text. 

Awesome! Really enjoyed the sound piece made entirely of filler sounds. More of these!

To Mary. I think you have a really original idea that not only accents your attention to detail with each piece and your self-recognised transition into a book maker! I still feel like you have a distance to come but it is going to be a natural progression so don’t rush J. I would love to watch your journey unfold so book another presentation in the not so long please. Maybe play a recording backwards and experiment with the reverse of the words.

Watches many films. Make clear what you want from your audience. Interesting ideas but why prints for Morse code? Why not holes in page? Consider font type, format, colour of paper (nice but slightly not dyed) Keep it up!

I think the way you present your practice is completely integral to its context and therefore very successful. On a more personal note, I love the anticipation of not quite knowing what you’re going to get us to do! 

I’m so surprised by how many questions there are in Pulp Fiction! I find the system- making, de-coding, re-coding and translating really interesting. I have learnt something new about Morse code. I think that keys to the codes and systems and systems in play would be useful for the viewer – it’s not always immediately obvious what they are.

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