Thursday, 24 February 2011

Post Presentation Discussion

"I really admire your patients and that it’s not necessarily what you enjoy but it’s necessary. For instance, the welfare…maybe not welfare. It’s a bit like “if no one else is going to do, someone’s got to do it”. I like the idea that you’ve done Pulp Fiction. I actually quite like Pulp Fiction"

"I like how you’re sort of giving yourself… You’re thinking before and then going and extracting certain bits from certain things, then altering them"

"I love your books, but I feel there’s somewhere you’re destined to go with this. Like, do something bigger, maybe make films and stuff"

"You know how you’re interested in filler word? Well we are in England and we are English. Could you maybe listen to French news? They use lots of ums and filler words. Even though the languages are different, the filler words are almost universal.
Actually they say ‘ber’ instead of er in France as a common filler word"

"There's a TV show called ‘Ooglies’ on CBBC and it’s amazing. It’s like animated kitchen utensils and the noises they make are universal and anyone can understand it. They have their own personalities. There are no words just noises. But the noises are linked with their nationalities; sort of like stereotypes"

"You could maybe make your Pulp Fiction book into a film montage and maybe put together the film clips of all the questions, but if you want to stick to books, perhaps not"

"You know what strikes me? Just how many questions there are in Pulp Fiction. I didn’t realise there were so many.
As you have done a Pulp Fiction question book, which is full of questions, you should find a film with lots of answers and make a book from them, so the books can talk to each other"

"I was recommended to look at the Simon Morris piece, The Royal road to the Unconscious and to maybe think about distributing my work in a different way, along the lines of a project like that, though perhaps not so extreme"

"You should maybe get people to speak with no guidance and hook them up to an electric shocker and shock them when they use a filler word"

"Perhaps make a device to help people not do it, like speech therapy"

"A couple of people read sections of the books to see how it sounded and felt to read aloud"

"I really liked it I came in and I was like “f***ing hell it’s like a little conference in here. You should definitely do it in like a month or so. I know it’s a lot of work"

"They will always come if you put on tea, that’s the sad reality"

"It seems like you could film this sort of thing and show it as a work in itself"

"You sort of need to shepherd people a bit and perhaps be a bit more instructive. You need to be a bit more bossy to get people to do things, otherwise they won’t. You could get someone to give them instructions. You could have a public relations coordinator"

"You could ask the audience questions to get things moving"

"I love how when you read it aloud (Pulp Fiction), everything that I’ve been taught about punctuation and grammar has just been chucked down the drain"

"It would be interesting to see what everyone sounded like at once. Say if you could put them all together. The pages could be read by different people and play back at once. I wonder if certain words would be heard over others"

"When you read through it (Spider Man) you can still picture it. It’s Spider Man so you can imagine what the illustrations would kind of look like"

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