Thursday, 24 February 2011

Presentation of my work

I recently held a presentation of my work to a group of fellow art students. I wanted the event to be an informative experience to generate ideas and gain further insight into my work and research, within an informal relaxed environment. The whole event was supposed to resemble a living blog; the 20 minute presentation being a sort of live blog post and everything that came after would act as running commentary, similar to the written comments left on blog pages. The presentation was followed by discussion and people also left written comments. During the presentation, I presented my collection of books and sound works that I have produced over the last year. A lot of this material is features in earlier blog posts, so if you are interested, please look at older posts of this blog.

Around 15 students attended the presentation and it was a fairly successful event. It was an enjoyable experience and I received positive feedback from all of the participants. However, I feel that some of my expectations were not met and I learned some powerful lessons. Some people left the straight after the presentation, either due to other commitments or a misunderstanding of the invitation, which was ultimately a fault of my own. Others stayed and participated in post presentation discussion, which was a very useful experience for me as an artist and an events organiser.

After the event, I decided to hold a discussion group about my research and practice. I thought this would be a better way to get feedback from others and create discussion about relevant artists and subjects.
This post will be followed by the results of my presentation and discussion group, including transcriptions of conversation and snippets of written commentary.

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